Depression is a common treatable condition which negatively affects how you feel, behave and think. It will affect about 1 in 10 people during their lifetime, irrespective of their age or gender. Depression may be triggered by a life event, change in circumstance, loss or it may just happen for no apparent reason.


The way you may experience depression can vary greatly as we are all different and so we feel it differently. Depression symptoms can be feelings of sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest in the everyday life you once enjoyed, a consistent low mood and possibly being tearful with or without knowing why. Some people may also experience physical symptoms such as digestive changes, alterations to appetite/weight or to sleep patterns, general aches and pains when no other medical explanation found


The cause of depression is considered to be a combination of many things including biological, psychological and social factors. So whilst it's common for most people to feel depressed at times if you continue to feel depressed for a longer period of time and it stops you having your normal life then you may need to seek help to deal with what you are experiencing.


For many reasons you may find it easier to talk to a stranger about what you are feeling than to a member of your family or a close friend. Counselling offers you a place where you can gradually look at what you are experiencing so you can get an understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Depression may have its roots in your past or a significant life event and this is when talking to a stranger may help especially to discover what this has meant to you rather than what others think it means to you. Having someone listen to how it feels to be you can help you gain more insight into yourself and changes will spontaneously happen.

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