Health Worries

Health Worries​

Many of us experience changes in our physical health from time to time, sometimes the changes are permanent so we need to learn to adapt to the change. Whatever the reason is for the changes to your physical health it can have an impact on your emotional well being too. When we are unwell with minor ailments such as a cold we can feel miserable and life can feel challenging, but we recover and so does our emotional health.



Some conditions are more challenging and we have to learn to live life differently. This can affect the way we view our quality of life and we may also feel we have less choice in how we live our lives. Our physical and emotional health are directly linked, so when we have a physical problem, we may find life feels more challenging and then this may make our physical problem feel worse, and the cycle continues.


Talking about physical health worries can help you understand what you are experiencing and what it means to you. The medical staff supporting you with your condition may not have the time to listen to your worries but your emotional discomfort is equally as important for you to regain quality of life. Counselling can give you the space to explore what is happening to you, your fears, worries and questions you may be asking yourself. Knowing how you feel about your physical condition may help you deal with it better.


Talking about the associated feeling that you're experiencing about your health issue which may include, sadness, anger, fear or frustration to name but a few can help you come to terms with your life as it is now so you are able to cope with the condition better. Irrespective of the physical problem, whether it's chronic pain, loss of mobility or restrictions of food you can eat, if it is causing you emotional distress talking about what you're experiencing can help deal with the changes you are facing.